Homeowners Association

Arbor Creek HousesArbor Creek is a planned residential subdivision governed by a participatory association called the Arbor Creek Homeowners Association. The Association is a non-profit corporation organized under the laws of the State of Michigan. All the owners are members of the Association and have certain rights and responsibilities with it.

In Arbor Creek, every family owns its house and the lot it sits on. In addition, as members of the Association, all the homeowners are partners in the ownership, management and stewardship of 10 acres of natural areas. These provide park spaces, walking paths, wetlands and a woodland preserve.

The Association fulfills two roles in the life of Arbor Creek:

  1. It ensures that certain standards of living and property values are maintained.
  2. It manages, maintains and stewards the natural common areas so that all residents can enjoy them.

Like society in general, the Arbor Creek Homeowners Association needs a legal structure to fulfill its responsibilities. This legal structure is provided by the Arbor Creek Master Deed, By-Laws, and Articles of Incorporation. This legal structure provides protection for the rights of the Association members, and it describes as well their obligations. The Association is governed by a Board of Directors made up of five volunteer homeowners.

The Arbor Creek Homeowners Association is truly a participatory democracy, and homeowners can positively and certainly affect the affairs and functions of the Association if they choose to do so. Every year, in the month of October, the Association has its Annual Meeting in which new Board members are elected, general decisions are made, and the finances are reviewed — all homeowners are encouraged to attend this important meeting.

Volunteer Committees

Volunteer Committees are the backbone of the Association. For the membership, they are one of the most direct forms of participation in the governance and affairs of the Association. They assist in the administration and management of the Association and help the Board of Directors make informed decisions.

For the efficient and comprehensive administration and management of the Association, two types of committees are needed — standing and ad-hoc. Standing committees perform a continuing function, operating indefinitely, though their membership may change. Ad-hoc committees are set up to accomplish specific objectives, and their existence ends once those objectives are accomplished.

Currently, the standing committees of Arbor Creek are: Landscaping, Social Events, Communications, Resident Directory, Information Technology (website, forums, email services), and Clean-up committees.

If you would like to volunteer for any of these committees, or for the Board, or for any other task, please contact the Board of the Association using the contact form on this website.